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bekind.ua is a fundraising platform for the effective help of Ukraine.

Ready to donate to support Ukraine, but don't know how to do it quickly, securely and effectively? We daily collect, update and check the actual humanitarian needs of Ukrainians, calculate and organize them as separate projects. So you can be sure that every $1 of your donation will be spent effectively.

Choose the charity foundation or project you want to support and make a donation in just a few clicks by your credit card. All charities and projects collected on the website are verified by us and by the payment system. All payments are completely transparent and secure. Your donation will be in the bank account of the charity in 2 days. All people are kind! Any amount of donation is important.

Together with you, we have already raised over $600,000 for 100+ Ukrainian charities!

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What is our impact for Ukraine?

#RunForUkraine raises funds directly for NGO Kind Challenge that works from 2020. The mission of the organization is to help Ukrainians to donate for charity in an easy and trustful way. Kind Challenge has already raised more than $300,000 for different charities in Ukraine.

Now we raise money to help different humanitarian needs, Ukrainian army, animals, people with disabilities, internally displaced persons.

If you are a non-profit organization from Ukraine, hospital or other organization in need, you can fill the application to get humanitarian support from us.

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Join #RunForUkraine

Anyone can join us with the Strava running club – with any distance. Join and post running photos with the hashtag #RunForUkraine for support.

Corporate donation

Does your company want to help out or join #runforukraine in any city in the world? Contact us!

About us

#RunForUkraine is an initiative by Tetiana Grynova: Ukrainian philanthropist, amateur marathon runner and charity-race organizer. In 2020, she started Kind Challenge as a non-governmental organization and impact-startup with the goal to aid charity in the Ukraine.

Kind Challenge has already raised more than $300,000 for over 100 Ukrainian charities through platform kindchallenge.net and kindrace.com. In 2022, Tetiana was meant to run 120 consecutive half-marathons in different Ukrainian cities, raising $1 million for various charitable purposes.

The first attempt at this Guinness Book of World Records was paused due to Tetiana’s illness. Now, the war has forced it to take on another shape entirely. After having managed to escape the war from Kyiv with her child, Tetiana is now in Amsterdam, where she has run a half-marathon every single day since 7th of March, carrying the Ukrainian flag. She will keep running until the war in Ukraine comes to an end.

Support her by joining the race or donating funds to the charitable purposes here.

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Thank you for your donations
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